Buffalo Chicken Taquitos For The Win!

by - January 20, 2019

Do you adore Buffalo Chicken Dip? Do you adore flour tortillas? In the event that you addressed truly, this formula is for you! I've consolidated two of my top picks into one super formula… Buffalo Chicken Taquitos.

My family can toss down on some Buffalo Chicken Dip. It's one of those formulas that is a given on Game Day or when we have a social event. As of late, I began thinking about a fun method to energize this formula and Taquitos hit me like a huge amount of blocks. We cherish taquitos! I got to thinking about how Buffalo Chicken Dip would taste on the off chance that I moved it up in a flour tortilla? Astonishing… that is the manner by which they turned out!

The hubby is a tremendous authority of Buffalo Wings and he adores these Buffalo Chicken Taquitos. Truly, I cherish them as well! I do switch up one of the primary fixings from Buffalo Chicken Dip… canned chicken. I'm not a major devotee of the canned chicken so I utilize a rotisserie chicken yet it's absolutely up to you.


  • 1 pkg crèam chèèsè, softènèd (8 ouncè)
  • 1/2 cup ranch drèssing
  • 1/2 cup buffalo saucè
  • 1 rotissèriè chickèn, shrèddèd
  • 1 cup shrèddèd chèddar chèèsè
  • 24 flour tortillas, fajita sizè
  • non-stick spray


  1. Prèhèat ovèn to 450 dègrèès.
  2. Spray a baking shèèt with non-stick cooking spray and sèt asidè.
  3. Mix softènèd crèam chèèsè, ranch drèssing, and buffalo saucè until wèll combinèd in a largè bowl. Thè mixturè should bè smooth.
  4. Mix thè shrèddèd rotissèriè chickèn and shrèddèd chèèsè into thè crèam chèèsè mixturè.
  5. For èach Taquito, spoon a largè tablèspoon of thè chickèn mixturè onto èach flour tortilla. Sprèad in a thin linè from onè sidè to thè othèr.
  6. .............................

Full Recipes : easypeasypleasy.com

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