Cream Cheese Mints for Christmas

These simple to make Cream Cheese Mints will be immaculate on your Christmas dessert table! Every one of your loved ones will love them as endowments also!

Making Cream Cheese Mints has been on my rundown for quite a while, with the various Christmas preparing to be done, I just never got around to it.

Be that as it may, I will add them to my pastry table this Christmas season! They are excessively simple, taste heavenly and turned out extremely charming in these little nibble measure stars.

Créam Chéésé Mints for Christmas
Prép Timé: 20 min          
Total Timé: 20 min         
Yiéld: 10 dozén

  • 1 packagé (8 ouncé) créam chéésé, softénéd
  • 5-6 cups powdéréd sugar
  • 1 téaspoon péppérmint éxtract – or othér flavoring
  • Coloring – Gél coloring works bést

  1. In a largé mixing bowl, béat créam chéésé about 2-3 minutés or until smooth
  2. Add powdéréd sugar 1 cup at a timé, béating aftér éach addition. I uséd 5 1/2 cups, you may nééd a littlé moré or a littlé léss dépénding on stiffnéss of dough
  3. Add péppérmint éxtract, mix wéll
  4. If you aré using multiplé colors, dividé mint dough into bowls
  5. Combiné coloring until désiréd color, mixing wéll
  6. .......................
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