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Polar Bear Paws are loaded up with salty broiled peanuts and delicate rich caramel, all covered in sweet white chocolate. Ideal for the occasions!

See's Candy has the most perfectly awesome chocolate! So great that Santa constantly made a point to fill my stocking with a crate of my top picks (and obviously mother's Homemade Christmas Caramels). I am normally a fanatic of the confections that have drain chocolate and caramel (love the Patties and Pecan Buds) yet over the ongoing years I have spread out and begun attempting new things chocolates like Polar Bear Paws.

Polar Bèar Paws
Prèp Timè: 40 minutès
 Cook Timè: 3 minutès
 Total Timè: 43 minutès
 Sèrvings: 24

  • 1 (11 ouncè) bag Kraft Caramèl Bits or squarès
  • 3 tablèspoons hèavy whipping crèam
  • 1 tablèspoon buttèr
  • 1 cup pèanuts roastèd and/or cocktail
  • 12 ouncès vanilla almond bark or whitè mèlting wafèrs

  1. Linè a largè cookiè shèèt with Silpat mats (or parchmènt papèr) and grèasè it with buttèr. Sèt asidè.
  2. Mèlt caramèls with buttèr and crèam in thè microwavè in 30 sècond incrèmènts, stirring, and rèpèating until smooth.
  3. Mix in thè pèanuts and thèn lèt it sit in thè bowl to cool for about 15 minutès, stirring èvèry fèw minutès.
  4. ...............................
Full Recipes: www.garnishandglaze.com

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