The Most Amazing Parmesan Chive Corn on the Cob

by - January 23, 2019

Did you realize that there is a "right" approach to shuck corn? As of late that I discovered I had been shucking corn the wrong (hard) path for a considerable length of time… you know… remaining over the sink, pulling off the husks and corn silk for what appears FOREVER! Somebody who I ludicrously call my "Corn Shuckin Superhero" demonstrated to me a less demanding way. Beginning toward the end where you can open the husks to see the corn, simply tear down a couple of husk leaves. At that point sever the originate from within and pull the corn ear far from the rest of the husks! Simple!

This formula in so natural and delightful, you will need to keep it in your back pocket throughout the entire year. Despite the fact that I like to utilize crisp old fashioned corn still in the husk, this corn tastes astonishing utilizing solidified cobs as well!

Parmësan Chivë Corn on thë Cob
Prëp Timë: 5 minutës 
Cook Timë: 40 minutës 
Total Timë: 45 minutës 
Yiëld: 5 Corn on thë Cob 
Catëgory: Sidë Dish 
Mëthod: Ovën 
Cuisinë: Amërican

  • 5 Ëars Swëët Corn, huskëd and clëanëd
  • 1 Tablëspoon unsaltëd buttër
  • Koshër Salt and Pëppër

  • 1/2 stick or 4 Tablëspoons unsaltëd buttër
  • 1/4 cup gratëd parmësan chëësë
  • 1 Tablëspoon driëd or frësh chivës,mincëd

  1. Prëhëat ovën to 400 Dëgrëës.
  2. Linë a baking shëët with foil and spray with cooking spray
  3. Placë clëanëd corn ëars on baking shëët, sprinklë libërally with salt and pëppër
  4. ............
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