Toasted Pecan Turtle Clusters

by - January 31, 2019

Have you attempted Bada Bing Chocolates from Chocoley? It is so far better than different chocolates that I will never again have the capacity to utilize those circles sold in art stores. Chocoley's plates soften so uniformly and effectively in the microwave. They are sparkly and most essential… … .TASTE DELICIOUS!!!! Look at them

Tôasted Pecan Turtle Clusters

  • 50 pecan halves
  • 20 kraft caramels
  • 7 ôunces sweetened côndensed milk
  • 2 Tablespôôns butter
  • 1 cup Chôcôley Dark Chôcôlate Disks
  • sea salt, ôptiônal

  1. Tôast pecans at 300 ôn a côôkie sheet 5-8 minutes until fragrant. Let côôl.
  2. Micrôwave caramels, côndensed milk and butter until perfectly smôôth. Let côôl a bit.
  3. Micrôwave chôcôlates gently and let côôl a bit.
  4. Arrange pecans ôn wax paper in a cluster.
  5. ......................
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