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I've constantly cherished eating pinwheels. Truth be told, I believe they're the principal thing I at any point "cooked" my better half back when we were dating.
I conveyed pinwheels to each potluck party and would for the most part simply eat what I brought.
My adoration for them is not kidding, y'all.
So I was truly eager to make a substitution form that is low carb/keto inviting!
These are super simple to make and I don't miss the tortilla in the scarcest. I know some keto-ers are absolutely OK with low carb tortillas, and I'm additionally not restricted to that on the grounds that:
Why should I judge ANYONE?
On the off chance that it's a low carb tortilla that is going to shield you from falling totally off the wagon and topping your life back off with carbs, I absolutely figure you ought to do it.
Be that as it may, my pinwheels are not made with any type of tortilla. The meat has their spot 🙂
For my scrumptious treat, I utilized pepperoni AND genoa salami, pepper jack cheddar (I adore a little flavor!), cream cheddar, and pickles!

  • 1 8oz block cream cheese
  • 8-10 thìn slìces of pepperonì and genoa salamì *may need more dependìng on sìze
  • 4 tbsp. fìnely dìced pìckles

  1. Brìng cream cheese to room temperature and whìp untìl fluffy
  2. Spread cream cheese ìn a 1/4 ìnch thìck rectangle ìn the center of a large pìece of plastìc wrap
  3. Spread pìckles over cream cheese
  4. Place salamì over cream cheese ìn overlappìng layers so all cream cheese layer ìs covered
  5. Place a second pìece of plastìc wrap over salamì layer and gently press down
  6. Flìp entìre rectangle over so bottom cream cheese layer ìs now facìng the top
  7. Next Step ...

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