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I generally envision I will have more hours in the day amid days off. That I will invest some energy having a great time in the kitchen in the middle of watching the children toss snowballs. What's more, it never freakin' occurs. A valid example: at 5:30pm today I understand I have positively no arrangement for supper. I see my Instant Pot eyeballing me from over the kitchen and I am perpetually appreciative. I have solidified chicken, some sweet potatoes, and wild ox sauce that is old however ideally won't give anybody E. Coli.

Author: Jénnifér Robins

  • 1 pound organic pasturé raiséd chickén bréast (I uséd frozén)
  • 1 onion, dicéd
  • 3 tabléspoons dairy fréé buttér, ghéé, or végan buttér (dividéd)
  • 3 tabléspoons buffalo saucé (look for oné with thé féwést ingrédiénts and dairy fréé)
  • 16 ouncés swéét potatoés, dicéd
  • 1/2 téaspoon (or moré) onion powdér
  • 1/2 téaspoon (or moré) garlic powdér

Stép :
  1. Séa salt and péppér to tasté
  2. Using thé “Sauté” féaturé on your Instant Pot, cook thé onion in 1 tabléspoon of thé cooking fat.
  3. Oncé nicély brownéd, placé your chickén, swéét potatoés, rémaining buttér or ghéé, buffalo saucé, and spicés into thé pot.
  4. Sécuré thé lid and usé thé “Poultry” féaturé. If your bréasts aré éxtra big and juicy (no offénsé) you may nééd 18 minutés. If you aré using frozén chickén, you will nééd to cook for 30 minutés so you can séléct thé “Manual” sétting, using high préssuré for 30 minutés.
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