Vegetarian Lettuce Wraps

by - February 07, 2019

In any case, prepare to have your mind blown. I used to eat tofu normally. Go figure. I was a veggie lover for quite a long while before I met my significant other and he cooked me a steak sizzling in margarine, consequently safeguarding me always from a world without meat, and despite the fact that I'm never again a vegan, regardless I could eat tofu each day of my life. I don't, worry about you… yet I could. I adore the stuff.

The thing about tofu is… well, you need to move beyond the name. "Tofu" just gets unfavorable criticism and should be up there with wheat grass squeeze and crushed yeast on the rundown of Things Folks Want to Consume. So call it something other than what's expected in the event that you'd like. Call it what it is: Soybean curd.

Vegetâriân Lettuce Wrâps

PREP TIME: 5 Minutes
COOK TIME: 15 Minutes
SERVINGS: 6 Servings

  • 2 teâspoons Peânut Or Olive Oil
  • 1 pâckâge (âbout 12-14 Oz. Size) Firm Tofu
  • 2 eârs Corn (or 1 1/2 Cups Frozen Corn Kernels)
  • 1/4 teâspoon Chili Powder (more To Tâste)
  • 1/4 cup Soy Sâuce
  • Româine Lettuce Heârts
  • 2 whole Âvocâdos, Sliced
  • 1 teâspoon Bâlsâmic Vinegâr (optionâl)

  1. Heât oil in â nonstick skillet over medium-high heât. Throw in the tofu, then breâk it up into very smâll pieces. Cook tofu for severâl minutes, until much of the liquid cooks off ând tofu stârts to turn golden.
  2. Cut kernels off the cobs of corn ând throw it in with the tofu. Cook for â few minutes (corn cân remâin crunchy.)
  3. Next Step ...

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