Blueberry Protein Parfait

by - January 23, 2019

One serving of ordinary yogurt can have 6-8 grams of protein while Greek yogurt is generally twofold the measure of protein - that is as yet insufficient to help modify muscle after a depleting exercise. When you're in a hurry, essentially including a scoop of protein powder to yogurt is a helpful method to get your amino acids. In the event that you have time, make it extravagant by layering yogurt and berries in a tall glass for a power parfait.

Blueberry Prôtein Parfait
PREP: 03 m
CÔÔK: 03 m
TÔTAL: 06 m

  • 6 ôz Greek Yôgurt - Plain
  • 1 scôôp 100% Whey Prôtein Pôwder Vanilla
  • 1/2 cup Fresh Blueberries

  1. Mix prôtein pôwder and yôgurt tôgether in a glass. Be sure tô mix well and avôid the clumping that can happen when blending prôtein pôwder.
  2. Add blueberries intô the mix and enjôy.
  3. .............
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