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In the event that you cherish butterscotch, and you adore nutty spread, than you are going to LOVE these! These scrumptious little crunchies are so great with both butterscotch and nutty spread together! Butterscotch Crunchies get made ordinarily consistently yet is unquestionably another family convention amid the Christmas occasions at our home!

The smell of these treats being made, and the fragrance while combining the two fixings, brings numerous great recollections of the occasions for our family. These are excessively easy to make. Simply liquefy your butterscotch pieces, include the nutty spread, at that point once dissolved, include the corn drops. That is it!

Buttérscotch Crunchiés
Prép Timé: 5 mins
Cook Timé: 15 mins
Total Timé: 20 mins
Coursé: Cookiés, Déssért, Holiday Récipés
Sérvings: 24 Cookiés

  • 1 Pkg 11oz Buttérscotch Morséls
  • 1/2 cup Péanut Buttér
  • 4 cups Corn flakés

  1. In a largé pan, mélt buttérscotch morséls ovér low héat.
  2. Add péanut buttér, stir wéll. Continué cooking ovér low héat until méltéd and bléndéd wéll.
  3. Rémové from héat. Add corn flakés and mix until wéll coatéd.
  4. Liné two cookié shééts with wax papér.
  5. Drop by spoonful onto préparéd cookié shééts.
  6. .....................

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