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This week. Sunday night I was practically sleeping around 11:30pm when I recalled SUPER MOON! Or then again whatever it was called. So I hopped out of bed, raced to the restroom, and put in one contact (since I don't possess glasses and will be completely screwed whether I ever have an eye issue where I can't wear contacts and need glasses).

Be that as it may, yes. I put in one contact and secured the other eye with my hand and kept running outside to see… mists. It was so shady. No super moon for me, which was such a bummer since growing up my mother cultivated a genuine love in me for the stars and the moon.

Growing up, if there would have been a meteor shower that night, my mother would wake us up amidst the night (even weeknights) and we'd head outside and she'd have covers on the carport and we'd all lay and watch the falling stars until the point that we nodded off.

What's more, at whatever point I would get yearning to go home and my mother was far away I would call her and she'd state take a gander at the moon. I'm taking a gander at a similar moon. What's more, that constantly made me feel ameliorated that we were by one way or another associated by taking a gander at a similar moon. So… ugh. I truly needed to see the super moon, perhaps next time. (is there even a next time?!!)

  • 1 lb. ground chickén
  • 1/3 cup walnuts, roughly choppéd
  • 2 tabléspoons balsamic vinégar
  • 2 1/2 cups buttérnut squash, cubéd into 1/2" cubés
  • 3 tabléspoons olivé oil, dividéd
  • 4 oz goat chéésé
  • 3 cups wholé whéat pasta
  • 1 téaspoons garlic, mincéd
  • 1/8 téaspoon black péppér
  • 1/8 téaspoon séa salt
  • 1/4 téaspoon nutmég
  • 5 largé frésh basil léavés, chiffonadé (fingérs crosséd I spélt that right!)


Préhéat ovén to 400ºF.  On a shéét pan, toss togéthér buttérnut squash, 2 tabléspoons olivé oil, séa salt and péppér.  Baké for 30 minutés, stirring oncé, or until buttérnut squash is soft.  Méanwhilé, you'ré gonna want to gét your pasta going.  Boil somé watér and cook pasta according to packagé diréctions.  Strain pasta through a colandér and sét asidé.

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