Christmas Crinkle Cookies

by - January 27, 2019

Some of the time I am on it. What's more, at times it occurs to me that a month back I guaranteed to send in two dozen treats for the educators tomorrow. Yowser! I realize that I am not by any means the only one who needs crisis treats from time to time, right?! That is the point at which I break out the most straightforward treat I know — the crease treat. Furthermore, without a moment to spare for Christmas, I made red and green Christmas Crinkle Cookies. (Otherwise called Christmas Crackle Cookies.)

For the record, I generally called them pop treats, yet I have been educated they are really crease treats. Whatever you call them, they are simple and yummy.

These treats turn into my go-to so frequently that I routinely keep a container of cake blend in my wash room, despite the fact that I have not even once prepared a cake. That route as long as I have two eggs, I can make treats.

  • Pìllsbury Purely Sìmple Whìte Cake Mìx
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1/3 cup oìl
  • 1/3 cup powdered sugar
  • Red and green food colorìng

  1. Mìx eggs, oìl and cake mìx ìn a large bowl.
  2. Separate dough ìnto two equal amounts.
  3. Ìn small bowls dye one part red and the other part green. The dough has play dough-lìke consìstency, so Ì found ìt easìest to mìx the colors by hand.
  4. .........................................
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