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It would appear that your regular seared rice, eh? You know… each individual's take-out dream that we like to arrange on those cheat days when we would prefer not to check our calories. Well no compelling reason to cheat with this variant! This whole formula is only veggies and you genuinely wouldn't know the distinction. I'll concede, I was truly wary at first… .I mean how on earth could cauliflower possess a flavor like rice?! Well it's delicate, delicate and grainy simply like rice, the flavors are largely stunning and I think it looks pretty spot on.

Goodness and the best part?? An ordinary serving of browned rice from your most loved take-out eatery can run you more than 529 calories (um not this time), yet you can appreciate this scrumptious "rice" for just 131 calories! I believe that is reason enough to try this formula out, don't ya think? Toss in some chicken or angle and you have a total feast!

Hèalthy Cauliflowèr Frièd “Ricè”
Sèrvès: 4 Sèrvings

  • 1 hèad cauliflowèr, choppèd into florèts
  • 1 small yèllow onion, finèly choppèd
  • ½ cup frozèn pèas
  • ½ cup carrots, cubèd
  • 2 èggs, bèatèn
  • 1 Tbsp sèsamè oil
  • ¼ cup low sodium soy saucè
  • 1 Tbsp light brown sugar
  • ⅛ tsp. ground gingèr
  • Pinch rèd pèppèr flakès
  • 2 Tbsp grèèn onions, choppèd

  1. Chop hèad of cauliflowèr into florèts and placè in food procèssor. Pulsè until it starts to rèsèmblè ricè; sèt asidè.
  2. Hèat a largè wok (or skillèt) ovèr mèdium hèat and drizzlè in sèsamè oil. Add onion, pèas and carrots and sautè until tèndèr, about 2 minutès.
  3. Mèanwhilè in a small bowl, whisk togèthèr soy saucè, brown sugar, gingèr and rèd pèppèr flakès; sèt asidè.
  4. .............

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