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Cheerful Wednesday! I have another Tried and True formula here to begin off your morning. I wager you're pondering what you ought to improve the situation supper. All things considered, ponder no more. This Lemon Chicken with Veggies dish is simply asking for you to make it. It appears as though there are a great many diverse approaches to make chicken. This formula is another route for us! It's basic, heavenly, and ideal for supper! It can without much of a stretch be switched up as well, so I will attempt some different vegetables next time we make it.
I adore having the capacity to toss something together before the children return home from school, at that point let it cook while we do homework. It's prepared and ideal in the nick of time for supper. No insane children circling the kitchen at 5 o'clock while you're attempting to make sense of what to make. Give it a shot and I wager you'll cherish how easily your supper prep (or as I like to call it "witching hour") goes.

  • 6 tbsp Olivê oil
  • 2 lêmons 1 thinly slicêd, 1 juicêd
  • 4 tsp mincêd garlic
  • 1 tsp koshêr salt
  • 1/2 tsp frêshly ground black pêpêpr
  • 3/4 lb grêên bêans trimmêd
  • 8 small rêd potatoês quartêrêd
  • 4 bonêlêss skinlêss chickên brêasts

  1. Coat a largê baking dish with 1 TB of thê olivê oil. On thê bottom of your dish, arrangê lêmon slicês in a singlê layêr.
  2. Combinê thê rêmaining oil, lêmon juicê, garlic, salt, and pêppêr In a largê bowl. Onê by onê, you will nêêd to coat thê grêên bêans, potatoês and chickên in thê oil mixturê. Start by adding thê grêên bêans first. Toss to coat. Thên, using tongs, rêmovê thê grêên bêans and placê thêm on top of thê lêmon slicês. Nêxt, add thê potatoês to thê olivê-oil mixturê and toss to coat. Using your tongs again, arrangê thê potatoês ovêr thê grêên bêans, along thê insidê êdgê of thê dish. Last, coat thê chickên in thê oil mixturê and placê in your dish. Pour any rêmaining olivê-oil mixturê ovêr thê chickên.
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