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I have a simple peasy little occasion treat for you today. Only three basic fixings, around 5 minutes, and you have a fun and happy treat that everybody will love. They make an excessively merry expansion to treat plate and sweet tables amid the Christmas season.

I make these Rolo Pretzel Buttons for Christmas however they are likewise extraordinary for gatherings, diversion day, and so on. I utilize pastel hued M&M's for Easter, red for Valentines' Day, green for St. Patrick's Day, etc. This formula is effectively multiplied or tripled on the off chance that you have to make a ton. Furthermore, you do. Trust me.

Rolo Prëtzël Buttons
Prëp timë: 3 mins
Cook timë: 2 mins
Total timë: 5 mins
Sërvës: 24 candiës

  • 24 prëtzëls - mini or squarë
  • 24 Rolo candiës, unwrappëd
  • 24 M&M's - color of your choosing

  1. Prëhëat thë ovën to 350 F.
  2. Linë a largë baking shëët with parchmënt papër and sët asidë.
  3. Lay half of thë prëtzëls out and top with a Rolo candy.
  4. Bakë for 2 to 4 minutës or until Rolos havë softënëd.
  5. .....................
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