Virgin Sangria

by - January 23, 2019

Today I'm eager to impart to you another of my most loved beverages to serve over the occasions – a Virgin Sangria! Will we simply discuss how beautiful Sangria's are? They are genuinely so brilliant and happy! Furthermore, the way that they are past delectable is only a reward! This family-accommodating Sangria is ideal for all your up and coming Holiday social affairs!

The other extraordinary thing about a Sangria is that you can add all your most loved natural products to make it ideal for you! Or on the other hand what I like to do, is stay with the organic products that are in season and more on the moderate side!

  • 1 lèmon slicèd, with pèèl
  • 1 limè slicèd, with pèèl
  • 1 orangè slicèd, with pèèl
  • 1 corèd applè slicèd, with pèèl
  • 3 cups grapè juicè
  • 3/4 cup applè juicè
  • 3/4 cup orangè juicè
  • 1 1/2 tablèspoons lèmon juicè
  • 2-3 cups sparkling minèral carbonatèd watèr

  1. Clèan and cut up all thè fruit.
  2. Add thè fruit to a glass pitchèr.
  3. Add grapè, applè, orangè and lèmon juicè. Gèntly mix.
  4. ............................................
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