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ometimes you simply need a thick, smooth milkshake… one that is spotted with bits of warm vanilla beans and poses a flavor like a definitive liberality. The best part about this protein milkshake is that it just TASTES debauched… it's in reality overly sound!

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There is a dessert place here in Ohio that is known for having the BEST malts and milkshakes around (well in any event I figure they do), and when I was pregnant, I would want a milkshake or malt from United Dairy Farmers always. I've attempted consistently to reproduce that smooth goodness, and would get it sort of close, yet not exactly right, which was in every case very disappointing! Who might have suspected that I'd get my nearest yet, with a thin protein milkshake?!

I prepared this formula as a piece of my low-carb diet, as it's crammed with protein, so it keeps me full longer than a customary shake! It just flabbergasts me when I'm drinking this thick and velvety shake, that I'm really drinking something extremely solid!!

Since it's so filling, I like to drink this protein milkshake toward the beginning of the day with a light breakfast, or toward the evening when I hit that 2pm accident. Do you get that as well? When you're simply chugging along during your time like a manager, at that point out of the blue your vitality is gone and all you need to do is sleep. Such a profitability executioner!

So you may see that whipped cream over the shake and considering, "admirably that is not thin… .", so given me a chance to guarantee you, it's absolutely discretionary, and I utilize fat free cream, so it doesn't fix all the strength of the protein milkshake 🙂

The fruits are additionally discretionary, yet I'm a sucker for an incredible new cherry!


Pour a portion of the almond milk into an ice 3D shape plate and stop it. Utilize the solidified almond milk 3D squares intead of ice!

Include a tablespoon of substantial cream (this will modify the healthy benefits)

Try to rub down the sides of the blender to get alllllll the protein powder consolidated

Utilize an excellent protein powder… I like this one!

Sprinkle in around 1/4 tsp thickener to thicken up the protein milkshake and make it ultra thick and rich

Don't hesitate to play around with this formula and include distinctive flavors, for example, including a touch of greek yogurt or new organic product!

I trust you out this protein milkshake an attempt… you'll be astounded by the sumptuous sweet flavor, while not blowing your eating routine!!


Tera's Whey Protein Powder – I cherish the clean, non-pale taste of this protein powder!

Ninja Professional Blender – No progressively thick smoothies… this blender will make the outright smoothest shake you've at any point had!

Nielsen Massey Vanilla Bean Paste – My outright most loved vanilla item, ever!

Thickener – on the off chance that you needed to utilize it, this is the item I use for a wide range of things… smoothies, popsicles, plate of mixed greens dressings, and so forth.

  • 2 cups unsweetened vanìlla almond mìlk
  • 3/4 tsp vanìlla bean paste could also substìtute vanìlla extract
  • 2 level scoops vanìlla whey proteìn powder
  • Approxìmately 5 small squìrts of lìquìd stevìa optìonal
  • 1 cup of ìce cubes more or less dependìng on how thìck you want your shake
  • Swìrl of fat free whìpped cream Ì used Reddì-Whìp, optìonal
  • Fresh cherrìes for garnìsh

  1. Add almond mìlk, vanìlla bean paste, proteìn powder and stevìa to blender.
  2. Process on MED speed for 1 mìnute to fully mìx ìngredìents, scrapìng down the sìdes of blender ìf needed.
  3. Next Step ...

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