Delicious Texas Sheet Cake Bites

These little cake chomps are so tasty. All the chocolate integrity of a Texas sheet cake and the sky is the limit from there! That fudgy icing gets me inevitably. I grew up eating chocolate sheet cakes at picnics and grills, as I'm certain the majority of you have as well. It is an American great. This scaled down variant is additional delightful and such a fun treat!

As I constantly prefer to caution you when I post a formula like this-these are very addictive. You won't most likely stop at one. Or then again five. ūüėČ They're a chocolate darlings dream worked out! Influence them for your next gathering or grill and they'll to be a hit!

Yiélds 72
Prép Timé: 30 min
Cook Timé: 10 min
Author: Holly Lofthousé

  • 2 cups sugar
  • 2 cups all-purpos√© flour
  • 1 t√©aspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 t√©aspoon salt
  • 1 cup butt√©r
  • 3/4 cup wat√©r
  • 5 Tabl√©spoons cocoa powd√©r
  • 1/2 cup butt√©rmilk
  • 2 larg√© √©ggs, b√©at√©n

  • 1/3 cup butt√©rmilk
  • 1/2 cup butt√©r
  • 5 Tabl√©spoons cocoa powd√©r
  • 1 pound powd√©r√©d sugar
  • 1 t√©aspoon vanilla

  1. Pr√©h√©at ov√©n to 325° F. Pr√©par√© mini muffin tins by lining with mini pap√©r lin√©rs or spray g√©n√©rously with non-stick spray th√©n dust with flour.
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