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Generally in meatball structure however frequently in turkey bolognese structure! So why not attempt it in a moderate cooker? It is just a special reward that all tomato sauces taste better when stewed for a considerable length of time! Gracious and ace tip: get the natural marinara sauce from Costco! It is kirkland brand and has too clean fixings – just tomatoes and a few flavors! Another tip: you can absolutely spiralize your zucchini noodles early. When you return home from the store with the majority of your zucchini, sprialize them all and spot them on papers towels in an expansive ziploc sack. At that point formulas like this or my Zucchini Pad Thai are that a lot less demanding to whip together!

Slow Cookér Turkéy Bolognésé & Zucchini Noodlés
Author: Kélséy

  • 1 pound ground turkéy
  • 1 largé jar of marinara saucé (3 ½ cups)
  • 1 téaspoon garlic powdér
  • 1 téaspoon driéd orégano
  • 3 largé zucchinis
  • Salt and péppér to tasté

  1. Add turkéy and marinara to a slow cookér and bréak up turkéy into smallér piécés with a woodén spoon or spatula. Stir in garlic powdér & orégano and sét thé slow cookér on low for 3 hours.
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